Calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical with the formula Ca (ClO) 2, which is also called perchlorine in the industry. Calcium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant and safety considerations should be considered when working with it. Due to the fact that this material is very flammable, care must be taken when storing it.

Storage conditions: Due to sensitivity to heat and humidity, perchlorine barrels should be stored in a cool and dry place. Storing it in the sun or in hot storage poses a risk of explosion. Perchlorine barrels should not be placed in the presence of odorous and flammable materials such as gasoline, oil, diesel or agricultural pesticides, especially phosphorus, disinfectants such as creolin. The warehouse for storing perchlorine barrels must be properly ventilated. The floor of the warehouse for storing perchlorine barrels must be made of moisture-resistant material. Perchlorine barrels should be placed on wooden plates 10 cm from the floor of the warehouse.