Is it possible to earn money from Telegram?

make money on telegram

Is it possible to earn money from Telegram? Making money on Telegram is really commonplace. There are multiple monetization options you can do. So let's see how to earn money from telegram?

How to earn money from Telegram in 5 Steps

1. Get Subscription Fee

The most popular model for paid subscription service on Telegram has two main parts: -public channel with large follower base - private channel with premium content (or upline) (only available for paid subscribers)

In this model, the public channel is promoted (through ads, cross-promotions, content marketing, and other strategies), whereas the private channel is what actually generates profits. Telegram doesn't have a built-in paywall, so you'll need to use a third-party service to make money.

2. Donations

You can collect donations for a group whose content you make good. Your content must be liked by users. This makes it more likely that people will send you donations.

3. You Can Sell Your Products and Services

Paid subscriptions aren't the only things you can sell through your channel. Basically, you can sell almost any product or service. Here are a few examples to showcase this in practice:

Freelance writings or designs

Technical Supports


Promotion of your brand and display of products

4. Raise Money from Sponsors

There is a man from Canada who did an interesting experiment. He announced a TON (Telegram Open Network) pool of investors on his tech channel and raised $1.5 million (in the form of applications, not real money transfers) in about 1.5 hours.

Then he posted a post stating that there is no pool – just notifying users that he wanted to check if he could raise funds.

The experiment was quite successful! It's incredible what you can do today through technology and social interactions.

5. Paid Shipments and add fake members to telegram channel

It's like selling ads, but in this case almost 100 percent of your posts are paid. How is this possible? A good example is niche job postings. Such job postings are available in the form of a Telegram channel that allows you to pay a flat fee for a job posting. You can also add fake members to telegram channel, this works when people see your channel with lots of members, in this situation they think your members are real but actually their not. so they follow you by thinking a popular channel.

Overall, as you can see, there are various monetization options at your fingertips through Telegram. With the right strategy and a little patience, you can generate income directly from your laptop and phone anytime, anywhere.