How to Create High-quality and Effective Content on Instagram?

If you use Instagram as a user (and not a business manager!), how many times a day do you visit this social network and how many hours do you spend on it?

Instagram users spend several hours a day on Instagram and use it to fill up their spare time.

So there are many target audiences for your business on Instagram and you should somehow encourage them to follow your page.

The more engaging and professional the content of a page is, the more users interact with it, and when a new user sees and Posts and if they are attracted to them, they will definitely follow your page to see your new content as well.

So generating content on Instagram is the first step towards having a successful marketing strategy on Instagram so that you can interact and communicate well with your users and clients.

In order to have good content and produce proper content on Instagram, you need to consider six things. They are:

Rest assured that no user likes to see an advertisement on a page unless the ad is tailored to the content of the page and presented alongside valuable content!

If you visit a page as a user and that page is advertising its products or services but does not have valuable content, you are sure to unfollow.

So the important thing is that you must first create valuable content so that users can interact with you.

The more users can interact with you, the easier it will be for them to trust you and the easier it will be to sell your products or services.

So if you intend on selling more of your products or services, you should first try to increase the user interaction and communication rate.

Branding, increasing user interaction and communication, increasing sales, etc. all depend on your branding and the content of the page so that users can trust you.

There is a square or 9 parts rule for generating content on Instagram that can help you create optimal content:

- Out of every 9 Posts, you must generate 4 valuable and useful Posts for your users in order for them to be able to trust you.

- Out of every 9 Posts, there should be 2 Posts aimed at connecting with users; for example, you can generate challenging content to get users to interact more with the page.

- Out of every 9 Posts, you can have 2 Posts that promote or advertise your products or services and help increase your business sales.

By generating content on Instagram following the rules mentioned above, you can build a great relationship with users, increase the amount of interaction with your page and ultimately increase the sales of your products or services.

This will not make customers feel that they don’t only see your products being promoted and advertised and your page is not valuable to them; but by doing so, users will understand that your products or tools are excellent tools that supplement your valuable Posts and your sales will increase by a great extent.

As we mentioned before, 4 out of every 9 Posts should be valuable; they should convey value to your audience!

For instance, this value could be providing users with a tutorial or talking about one of your services and its importance to users.

So anything that can add to your users’ knowledge is considered to be valuable! In the following sections of the article, we will look at some of the things you can do to generate helpful Posts for your users.

Users love learning, and that’s why they love people who teach them something new!

If you search through Instagram pages and visit different Posts, you will find that many users interact with educational Posts very well.

In your field of ​​business (if your page is related to your business!), there are thousands of tips that users are keen to learn.

Just create a Post and add the intended topic as a title in the image; then write information about that topic in the caption section and ask users to ask any questions they might have in the comments section.

It is interesting to know that some users are afraid of losing their followers by providing expert and technical advice and information about their business.