How learn Persian cooking

What is cooking? This question may be asked by most people. An art or skill that is done by combining several foods together, hot or cold, is called cooking. There are many recipes for preparing different types of Iranian food that you should try and make mistakes according to your taste and temperament to reach the food with your desired taste. Some foods have different categories such as snacks, main meals and desserts. Some of these foods are seasonal, meaning that most of their ingredients are found in summer or winter. The best way to prepare a delicious meal with a different taste is fresh ingredients. These ingredients will give you an incredible and lasting taste. Iranians create different flavors due to the use of different spices in their food, which has many fans both in the country and abroad. Most Eco tourists or tourists travel to Iran to see the country's tourist attractions, and Isfahan has been selected as one of the most visited cities in Iran. Hoteliers or hostels or inns have competed to attract more customers. But eco-lodges or eco-lodges came up with a new idea, which included: Isfahan cuisine class

 That these classes were very popular with travelers and completely for tourists. Was excited. Isfahan, with its ancient historical and cultural sites, also has delicious food that its residences or hostels have done to attract tourist’s Persian cooking class