Mount Damavand, located in the north of Iran, is the most prominent peak in Iran and the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia.

This potentially active volcano is 5610 meters higher than the sea level. This number is measured by special altitude measurement devices such as GPS. Some People falsely believe that Mount Damavand is 5671 meters high but the exact number is 5610 meters. Its relative height, determined by comparing the height of the peak to the lowest valley between Damavand and the nearest higher peak, is 4661 meters, placing it on the 12 spot between world’s highest peaks.

Five rivers run in the area: Haraz in the south and in the east, Lar and Div in the west, Panj Ab in the east and Tineh in the north of the mountain.

The minimum real-feel temperature, considering the effect of the wind is -60 degrees during winter. In other seasons especially months like July and August the temperature is around zero in the highlands of Damavand and normally stays between 5 to -5 degrees.

The RealFeel Temperature is an index that describes what the temperature really feels like. It is a unique composite of the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation and elevation on the human body–everything that affects how warm or cold a person feels.