Damavand Mount In Iran

Four Amazing Facts about Damavand Trekking Tours

Highest Middle East Summit

Not only Damavand is the first one of the highest mountains in Iran, but also it is the highest summit in the Middle East. It’s also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. It’s the 12th prominence summit in the world. Damavand is known as the ceiling of Iran in the list of 7 volcanic summits of the world.

Challenging but Doable

Damavand Climbing is a great challenge that is accessible for all. It does require you to be physically and mentally prepared, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus. However, it does not need too intense of a training program for you to be able to ascend the summit.

Extraordinary Views

During a Damavand trekking tour, you’ll come across a range of diverse and beautiful sceneries. From walking on top of clouds to the rare animals you’ll see on the route, it will all fill your eyes with joy. Plus, you’ll see a variety of plant species specific to this region.

Dive Deep into Persian Culture

Damavand trekking is so tightly knitted to Iranian culture. Damavand is a symbol of resistance and strength in Iranian folk stories. It’s regarded as an epic mountain in Shahnameh, the popular Iranian book of poems. Even banknotes have a print of Damavand on them in Iran!